Ignacio Salcedo. Senior Backend Developer & Engineering Manager

Ignacio Salcedo

Senior Backend Developer &
Engineering Manager

With over 15 years of expertise as a backend programmer, my experience is extensive. From 2021 up to Jan. 2024, I've successfully navigated the role of an Engineering Manager at Zoe Financial, a thriving finance company in New York. My journey has encompassed pivotal responsibilities such as recruitment, strategic technical decision-making, and project management.

Leveraging my extensive background, I offer dedicated hours for technical consultations and recruitment advisory services, providing valuable insights to companies seeking to optimize their technical teams.

Currently, I am spearheading the development of my own product, Kumitapp.

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Computer. Senior Backend Developer

As a Developer

With a rich 15-year journey in development, my career started by crafting simple web pages using HTML, CSS, and basic JavaScript. Over time, I delved into the realms of PHP, working with platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and developing my own basic content management systems. Seven years ago, I embarked on an advanced PHP programming journey from scratch, evolving into an expert with frameworks such as Laravel, Slim, and CodeIgniter.

Proficient in database management, I handle MySQL, PostgreSQL, and some non-relational databases like Mongo.

Throughout this journey, I have collaborated with individuals across diverse regions, including Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States.

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Ignacio Salcedo with Team. Engineering Manager

As an Engineering Manager

From 2021 until January 2024, I not only served as a developer for Zoe Financial, but also assumed the role of an Engineering Manager. During this period, I actively participated in personnel recruitment processes, provided coaching, led multidisciplinary teams, and managed projects.

My leadership style is rooted in supportive guidance and fostering connections. I thrive on collaborating with teammates in a friendly environment, prioritizing the cultivation of a positive team culture.

Emotionally nurturing the team is a top priority for me, ensuring a harmonious balance between team well-being and maintaining an optimal development pace.

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Bogotá, Colombia

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With over 15 years of experience in development and technical management, I offer specialized consulting services for technology companies.

As a consultant, I provide guidance in People Management, coaching, and project leadership, from conception to successful implementation. Additionally, I offer strategic insights in selecting appropriate technologies, and optimizing team performance.

My dedicated hours for technical and recruitment consultations allow companies to leverage my expertise in enhancing technical teams and addressing challenges in today's technology landscape.

In summary, I am a comprehensive consultant capable of guiding companies through technical and management challenges, with a focus on continuous growth and adaptation.